Prepare for your plane trip with baby: 9 essential tips

Flying for the first time with your baby is stressful because you don't know what to expect. Flying with your baby a second time is just as stressful, because you now know exactly what to expect!! Haha!

With these few tips, we cannot guarantee you a perfect trip, but you will certainly have planned and prepared everything to make it as pleasant as possible.

take a plane with baby


1. Choose the right time to travel

Ideally, when possible, schedule your flight during times when your baby is sleeping or generally quieter, such as during nap times or at night.
However, there can always be unforeseen circumstances. If your baby is sick, consult a doctor before traveling to make sure his little ears are not affected by an ear infection, for example. Pressure variations in flight can cause pain if this is the case. You may also consider purchasing a cancelable or changeable flight option for an additional fee, which will give you the flexibility to change your plans if necessary.

2. Select seats
If your baby is under 2 years old, he or she will likely travel on your lap for the duration of the flight. This option allows you to save on a ticket, but you also have the option of purchasing a baby seat, providing an extra seat and more space. Another option is to bring the car seat or baby carrier on the plane for added comfort and flexibility.

i️ Get informed
It is important to be well informed about the regulations regarding the use of car seats on planes. BBjetlag has a great article on this.

baby cradle on the plane
It is possible to reserve seats at the front of the rows, often for an additional fee, to use the cot available on board. These seats have the advantage of offering more legroom. However, according to our experiences, these seats have several disadvantages: it is not possible to store luggage in front of you, which means you have to put everything in the overhead compartments. In addition, the restrictions for the use of the cradle are very strict in terms of weight and size, and its use is prohibited during takeoff, landing and when the safety instruction is activated, requiring waking the baby and take it upon yourself. Additionally, the armrests cannot be raised to create more space for the baby. And finally, these seats are located in the center of the plane, far from the windows. For us, these seats are therefore not our favorites. We prefer to select the rows on the sides, near the windows. Baby will love watching the clouds outside!

3. Prepare the child
Mental preparation is useful at any age! We can talk about the trip, discuss what we will do on the plane, look at the planes in the sky. Thanks to YouTube, you can even show your baby what the inside of an airplane looks like. You can also involve your baby in choosing the toys and stuffed animals to bring. All of these activities will build excitement as the trip approaches!

4. Prepare what you need to bring

Here is our full list:

  • Diapers/wipes
  • Bottle with milk or formula (yes, you can pass baby liquids through security)
💡 Trick
To heat the milk mixture on board, prepare in advance. Once you pass through security, fill a bottle with cool water and another thermos bottle with boiling water, which you can buy (or sometimes get for free) at a small cafe near the door. boarding. Once on board, you can mix the formula in the bottle using cool water and boiling water to get the right temperature. This method will save you from waiting for service staff (as boiling water can take time on board) and will allow you to respond quickly to baby's needs!
  • Spare clothes: for overflowing diapers for example. Bring a small extra jacket for the sometimes cooler temperatures on board.
  • Pacifier, comforter, stuffed animal, blanket... anything that is comforting for baby will be reassuring in this unfamiliar environment.

  • Mini first aid kit . We love the one from La Petite Trousse, available on our store.
  • A baby carrier: In our opinion, this is an essential. It makes it much easier for your baby to sleep, and it keeps your arms free.
  • Snacks: if baby eats, then take whatever you can with you! Entertainment through the stomach is the most effective ;)
🛒 Purchase suggestion
The Baby Monster Bling meal set is a custom-made kit with our favorites for meal times when traveling with baby. On our online store!
  • Entertainment: This is where the “fun” begins! Bring a few toys (preferably small and quiet!) as well as your baby's favorite books to keep them entertained during the flight. You can keep certain toys hidden to create a surprise effect when he gets tired of certain ones.
  • A pair of headphones: even for small ears, this can be practical. This will be useful either for the entertainment offered on the plane, or for a little music on mom/dad's phone or even their favorite shows, downloaded in advance.

children on plane with headphones

🧩 Some original ideas and touches 💙

  • Small suction cup toys that stick in the porthole
  • Painter's tape (easy to stick and peel off) to create toy car courses on the tablet. Or simply let baby stick and peel the pieces of ribbon.
  • Waterwow ” books
  • Finger Puppets
  • Fluorescent glow sticks
  • Story lamp
  • Erasable drawing tablet : our favorite 💙 #1 for all our trips, can be found here on our online store

take a plane with children



5. Arrive early to take your time
You wouldn't want to rush your baby (and yourself!) through all the already not very stimulating steps of security checks, check-in (which you should do BEFORE, on the airline app), baggage drop-off, etc. .

YUL airport playground

There are children's play areas in the various boarding areas at YUL. Find out more on the Montreal Airport website.

If you have the BNC World Elite credit card, you will have access to the National Bank lounge. There is food, drinks and a small play area for children.

i️ Get informed
The Milesopedia site is an extremely comprehensive source of information on travel credit cards and their benefits.

Don't hesitate to keep the stroller with you for your trips to the airport! You can bring it to the boarding gate, leave it near the plane door and the staff will place it in the hold. At your destination, it will also be given to you at the gate, upon disembarkation.

🛒 Rental suggestion
To rent a compact stroller that can accompany you in the cabin, do not hesitate to consult our Rental page.

6. Wait for boarding to complete


When boarding, Flight attendants usually invite families to board first . Priority boarding for families is more convenient for crew, as families often have more baggage and take longer to settle in, which can create congestion and slow down the boarding process. At the risk of not endearing myself to people working in the aviation industry, my advice is: don't go there!! Give children more time to move around in the terminal rather than confining yourself to the plane for the entire boarding period. On the other hand , as a good, conscientious passenger that you are, prepare in advance by identifying what should be stored in the overhead compartments and what should remain within reach. Organize your bags accordingly, and go up as late as possible!

family on plane


7. Predict atmospheric pressure differences

Changes in air pressure during flight can affect baby's ears, causing crying and seizures. Give him a bottle, breast, pacifier or snack during takeoff and especially during landing, to help balance the pressure in his ears.

9. Ask for help
Once on board, staff will provide you with specific safety instructions for traveling with a baby. They will also show you the location of the toilets equipped with a changing table. (Please do diaper changes in this toilet and not on the bench seat👃🏻). The on-board staff is there to assist you! Do not hesitate to let them know your needs. They are generally very understanding and attentive to families who are traveling and are happy to assist you if necessary. For example, if you are traveling alone with your baby, do not hesitate to ask the flight attendant to watch your baby for a few minutes if you need to go to the toilet. Also engage in conversation with the people around you! Human contact is often warm, and people will be more understanding in the event of crying or screaming if they have gotten to know each other beforehand. It's human nature! Plus, who wouldn't be charmed by a baby who says hello in the aisles!

Baby on the plane

8. Keep a calm and patient mind
Finally, be prepared for all eventualities and stay zeeeeeen about it. If you are stressed, your baby will feel it too! This is a time when the goal is to best meet your baby's needs, comfort him and keep him safe. Be flexible and willing to adjust your plans based on your baby's needs. Flexibility is the key to making travel more enjoyable for everyone.

By following these tips, you can make flying with your baby more enjoyable and less stressful for you, dad, and baby! Share your tips with us too, if you feel like it!

Have a nice trip ✈️