Family roadtrip in Gaspésie: Our good deals

Ahhh Gaspésie!! What a magnificent region with its small colorful houses, its grandiose national parks, its warm inhabitants with cheerful accents and its many activities suitable for families.

With its picturesque landscapes and long seaside roads, Gaspésie is the perfect place for a family road trip!

For our family roadtrip in Gaspésie, we can decide to stay in traditional accommodation (hotels, Airbnb, etc.) or, we can tour the Gaspésie in an RV and experience the famous #vanlife with family. This is what we did, here is our journey in detail.

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2-week itinerary for a family roadtrip in Gaspésie


The first dilemma in developing an itinerary to tour the Gaspésie is: Do we do the loop from the south or from the north?

Opinions differ. For our family roadtrip in Gaspésie, we chose to do the loop to the south. This way we were driving on the water side, so easier to stop if the scenery invites us for a photo. In addition, when arriving in Percé from the south, the view of the rock is incredible! It stands majestically in front of us, coming out of a curve in the road.

Our itinerary:

  1. BIC National Park

  2. Bonaventure

  3. Perforated

  4. Forillon

  5. Gaspésie National Park


1. BIC National Park


Ahhhh! We will always remember this fabulous park... ( Hello Sarah! 🙊)

This was the first national park on our route and possibly our favorite. We were staying at the St-Fabien campsite , the municipal campsite a few kilometers from the BIC. Camping right in the BIC national park seemed really good, but booking in a SÉPAQ park requires planning in advance... which we didn't do :( So we were satisfied of this pretty little campsite on the side of the road which made us happy As we found ourselves 4 families of friends in this little corner of the country, we had everything to be happy!

At the BIC, there are superb hikes on the coast. You can climb Pic Champlain to look out at sea or admire the most beautiful sunsets in Quebec, you can kayak, bike... and there are a variety of winter activities too!

We also took the opportunity to explore the surrounding area. Nearly a 45-minute drive from BIC is Hell's Gate Canyon . An equally magnificent site perfect for the family with its puzzle maze, its interactive course in an enchanted forest, its gigantic suspension bridge and its “stroller-friendly” trails.

📒 A short guide to visiting the BIC national park region during a family road trip in Gaspésie:

🏕 Where to sleep:

🤹🏻‍♂️ What to do:

​💡 Family tip: Several trails are accessible by stroller at the BIC national park, however we recommend the baby carrier to have coastal access at low tide, strewn with rocks.


2. Bonaventure and surrounding areas


We continue the adventure towards Bonaventure, a charming little town located on the north shore of the Baie des Chaudes, which will allow us to quickly and lightly taste the salty sea. We live at the Beaubassin campsite , a very large and popular campsite in the region, offering sites for all types of RVs. The lots are numerous, close together and it is not at all wooded, but it is located directly on Beaubassin beach and that, with children, is a winner!

​🍴 Who says “seaside” says “fish and seafood”, so why not pick up some good seafood at the Poissonnerie de la Baie , just a few minutes from the Beaubassin campsite . We encourage local and enjoy a real Gaspésie feast!


We go down the Bonaventure River with Cime Aventures , which is a must in the area . We opt for the La Familiale descent, aboard a small blue inflatable raft. The river is sublime. The water is so translucent that it feels like you're sliding on the rocks. We can even see the fish sneaking under our cargo!










⚠️ On the other hand, if I had to do it again, I wouldn't go down the Bonaventure River with such young children. We remember that we have Rafael, 3-1/2 and Chloe 1-1/2 on board. The descent is relatively long, it takes at least 2 hours and that's if you row non-stop. We are closer to the 3 hour walk. For toddlers, it takes a long time to do nothing, stuck on 1 square meter of wet float staring at the bottom of the water. It wasn't our favorite activity as a family, however, the site is truly magnificent and the activity will surely be magical when the children are a few years older !

📒Short guide to visiting Bonaventure during a family roadtrip in Gaspésie:

🏕 Where to sleep:

🤹🏻‍♂️ What to do:

​​💡 Family tip:

It is possible to enjoy the translucent river without going down by boat by going to Malin beach on the Bonaventure River


3. The unmissable Percé


Its reputation is well established, the small tourist town of Percé attracts many visitors with its imposing holed rock, nestled alone in the middle of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The behemoth is truly impressive!

Île-Bonaventure-et-du-Rocher-Percé National Park (SEPAQ) is accessible by boat. A lovely walk of just over an hour, accessible with children and babies of all ages, takes you to Bonaventure Island , where we find one of the largest colonies of Gannets, these charming birds. whites with yellowish heads that live in the North Atlantic region.

​⚠️ Boat trips are organized by 2 local companies and it is not possible to book in advance. You have to buy your ticket in town and go to the platform afterwards. The boat price does not include the park entrance fee.

On Bonaventure Island, we take a short hike (a few trail options , depending on the level) to reach the Gannet relay. Birds live there by the thousands. It's very easy to know when you're almost there.... because IT PUUUUUEEE!! 😅💩🕊 But beyond that, the walk is sublime, the birds are omnipresent and it is very impressive to see them circling above our heads, kissing and interacting with each other. On site, guides walk around to answer questions and give information to tourists. You can bring a lunch or eat at the canteen on the island for a small dinner with a view of the rock.


📒Short guide to visiting Percé during a family roadtrip in Gaspésie:

🏕 Where to sleep:

🤹🏻‍♂️ What to do:

​💡 Family tip:

If you arrive from the south, we recommend a stop in the Chandler region , more precisely in Bourg-de-Pabos to live the unique experiences of UVA or Nova Lumina , or simply to enjoy a good old poutine at the canteen of the Chenail .


4. Forillon and surrounding areas


Forillo National Park is not governed by SÉPAQ but by Parks Canada. There are several campsites on site but to be able to stay there, as always for national parks, you have to book in advance! What we haven't done (yet!)... 🙃

On the other hand , we found a nice campsite with a magnificent view of the sea, Camping Griffon , About twenty minutes from Forillon Park, the campsite is located by the sea, at the top of a beautiful cliff that you can go down to collect the beautiful dark pebbles. It's wonderfull!! In the distance, you can even see whales! The campsite is very quiet, with a lovely children's play area and a laundry room.

Forillon Park offers multiple trails for all tastes, ranging from walks of a few kilometers to excursions lasting several days with camps. We opted for the hike to the Cap Bon-Ami belvedere which gives a breathtaking view of the “Bout Du Monde”, the upper peninsula which extends over the river. You can also take a cruise to see whales, visit lighthouses, museums and discover pretty little beaches nearby. In our case, will go to take a trip to Penouille , which was very nice for the children!


📒Short guide to visiting Forillon during a family roadtrip in Gaspésie:

🏕 Where to sleep:

🤹🏻‍♂️ What to do:


​💡 Family tip:

We suggest a little visit to the Frontibus microbrewery which is located a few minutes from the campsite, in Rivière-au-renard. Beautiful outdoor tables, good cold beers and some bistro dishes will delight adults... It may not be a must for children, but it's good for parents!


5. Gaspésie National Park


This grandiose park will amaze true hiking enthusiasts, while being very accessible to families. This time, we stayed at the Gaspésie National Park (SÉPAQ) campsite. However, the land is mainly without service. The campsite is divided into 5 sectors and they are relatively far from each other. You must be well informed before booking. We were in the Cascapedia campsite, where we were able to rent a boat to go for a trip on the lake of the same name. Pretty little trails also encircle the area.

You can get to the Mont Albert sector in 30 minutes, where most of the major hikes begin. We opted for 2 easy family hikes, that of Lac aux Amériques and that of Mont-Ernest-Laforce , which offers a striking 360 view of the neighboring peaks.


📒Short guide to visiting the national park during a family roadtrip in Gaspésie:

🏕 Where to sleep:

🤹🏻‍♂️ What to do:


​💡 Family tip:

The park's camping areas are far from town. It will take you a good half hour to get to Sainte-Anne-des-Monts. Make sure you have all the essentials for your meals, for example, to avoid doing this route several times!


Family roadtrip in Gaspésie: other stops on the road

On the way back, we made some very interesting stops.

  • The Jardin de Métis is probably one of my favorite places in Quebec. It is not just a botanical garden, it is an artistic expression in several forms. The horticulture is phenomenal, the exhibits are fascinating, the food is excellent... it's a must stop, the kids will love it!

  • In Sainte-Flavie, we recommend a quick meal break at Capitaine Homard , a lively, colorful restaurant decorated with a thousand and one seaside-themed bébelles. There you can enjoy a delicious shrimp poutine!

  • Still in Sainte-Flavie, come see the Grand Gathering at the Marcel Gagnon Art Center . This artist has placed more than 80 life-size statues on the bank of the river, visible with the tides.


This is what brings us to our journey and our recommendations for your family road trip in Gaspésie. There is so much to do in this beautiful region!

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What are YOUR favorites in the region?