Family roadtrip: Favorites on the American east coast

Discover the American East Coast with your family

The Eastern Seaboard of the United States is full of quaint beach towns, white sand beaches, and must-see family attractions. If you're looking for contact with the ocean not too far away, bustling small coastal towns and ice cream galore, a road trip along the east coast is a perfect option. Here are some ideas for destinations along the coast for a memorable getaway for the whole family.

📍Old Orchard, Maine (5 hrs from Montreal)

Old Orchard is a great classic, especially with children. There is everything to make young and old happy. The center is full of shops, arcades, attractions... (a little too much even 😅). The beach is really beautiful and vast, even if the water is a little cold... (a little too much even 😜). On the other hand, the proximity to Montreal makes it a perfect destination for a short roadtrip, whether for a long weekend, to contemplate the ocean or simply enjoy a small lobster roll on the boardwalk and play a little game of mini- putt!
🛏️: Waves Oceanfront Resort , from $250 per night

📍Cape May + Wildwood, New Jersey (8 hrs from Montreal)

From New Jersey, we discover 2 other beautiful coastal destinations, about twenty minutes from each other:
Cape May and its magnificent Victorian houses and Wild Wood and its alluring boardwalk.
💙 Big crush on the Wild Wood boardwalk, which has kept its "seventies" areas with its very retro look... so beautifully preserved! Rides, attractions, little train... It's officially here that we overdose on funnel cake, arcades, skill games and gigantic Sundays.
🏕: Sun Outdoors Cape May , US$60, water/electricity. The campground has a children's playpen, a giant trampoline and a swimming pool and is located halfway between Cape May and Wildwood.
⚠️ There is a fee for the beach in Cape May, but not in Wild Wood!

📍 Assateague Island, Maryland/Virginia (10 hours from Montreal)

💙💙💙 This destination is our favorite of all!

On this barrier island which runs along the coasts of Maryland and Virginia, there are herds of wild horses 🐴 who live there, completely free. The rules are very strict to protect the herds. You must keep a minimum distance of 40 feet and never feed them. They are so in control of the place that they wander around the campers' sites and it is forbidden to scare them away. It's really fascinating and so beautiful...

The beach is just as magnificent as the other destinations but wilder because here, the area is protected by a state park and a national park. There is therefore no large developed city by the sea. We therefore find ourselves in nature, crab fishing, shellfish gathering, hiking on the many trails... we live to the fullest, with the 🐴🐴🐴 as neighbors!

💙: Pony Swim: If you are lucky enough to visit during Pony Swim week (usually in July), don't miss this iconic event where horses cross the bay.

🏕: Assateague State Park , US$30 per night, without service. The grounds are full of sun but mostly directly on the seaside.

📍Virginia Beach, Virginia (11 hrs from Montreal)

Back in Virginia, the sea is getting warmer and warmer! Here, we liked the boardwalk less but the beach is really superb. Very wide and long, you can play there for a long time with the children. It’s a great vacation option with multiple activities (aquarium, animal shelters, hiking trails, etc.). We stayed in another lively campsite with 3 swimming pools, 2 playgrounds and lots of entertainment on weekends. A little less our style, bingo and salsa in the pool, but the kids had a great time!
💙 We loved the playground right on the beach
🏕: Holiday Trav-L Park , US$57, 2 services

📍Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (15 hrs from Montreal)

We were there in the spring and the water was definitely warm for swimming! Myrtle Beach is truly a perfect family destination!
✈️ To find out everything about this destination, consult the article “What to do in Myrtle Beach with your family” on the Marie-Ève ​​et famille blog
We stayed in 2 great places. First, a lively campsite-resort directly on the beach with play areas, water slides, “lazy river”... to name only a third of the activities offered. We really liked it!
We then discover the state park of the region, this time a little more surrounded by vegetation!. Great wooded lots just steps from the beach too.
💙: For our daughter's birthday, we took the kids to meet "real" mermaids at Pirate's Table restaurant!
🏕: Lakewood Camping Resort , US$92 3 services
🏕: Myrtle Beach State Park , US$57 2 services

Go on your roadtrips!

A road trip along the American East Coast offers an unforgettable experience for the whole family. With its beautiful beaches, family attractions and activities suitable for young children, each destination promises lasting memories and moments of family happiness. Hit the road and go on an adventure on the east coast!

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